The Season of Advent

The word advent is derived from the Latin word “adventus”which means the coming, the coming of Christ the Savior. It is a four week season when we take time to look into ourselves and to prepare for the coming of JESUS at Christmas.

Advent is a time of waiting not with anxiety but with hope and anticipation for “the One Who is to come will surely come” and we will be richly rewarded for our waiting.

The readings of Advent are rich and full of hope. It invites us to listen with the heart. Yes, listen to the word of GOD and be aware of the changes going on in our hearts.

Advent is a time to hope. As the farmer waits for the seed to grow, so must we be . . . alive with hope.

Advent is a time to grow. The tiny seed buried in the ground begins to sparkle with new life. How wonderful is the promise of life! So we also must grow, grow close to the likeness of JESUS to the fullness of his life.

Let us wait with our Mother Mary, the Lady of Advent, in prayer and in loving one another for the coming of the Emmanuel. GOD with us. Maranatha! Come Lord JESUS!

A Happy and Fruitful Advent to all!!!